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Jim Bob & Michelle

People often ask us, “Did you always want to have a big family?” When we first got married, we thought we would probably have two or three children and be done. However, the sorrow of a heartbreaking miscarriage with our second child caused us to have a heart change. Through this difficult time, we began to read in the Bible that children are a blessing and a gift from God.

We have a special place in our hearts for families—our goal is to encourage husbands and wives to have strong marriages, brothers and sisters to be best friends, and for everyone to find true hope in trusting Jesus Christ!

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Latest Recipes

Vanilla Pudding Pie

Vanilla Pudding Pie

Jordyn and Jennifer love making this pie, especially as a summer treat with fresh fruit!

Jalapeño Ranch Dip

Jalapeño Ranch Dip

One of our favorites as a dip, or to drizzle on tacos or anything that needs just the right amount of “zip”!

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Our 2023 Graduates

Our 2023 Graduates

We thank the Lord for the completion of another academic year, and for giving us the opportunity to invest in the lives of our children, and our newest graduates, Jackson and Johannah! Recently, we honored their perseverance, dedication, and hard work with a graduation ceremony and party!

2022 Summer Recap

2022 Summer Recap

I was just scrolling through my camera roll looking at all of the happy memories we have made this summer. Birthdays, babies, the...

Jackson’s Big Day!

Jackson’s Big Day!

We were so thrilled to travel down to Texas recently to celebrate Jackson’s big accomplishment!

Top Questions for the Duggars:

How did your family get involved in filming a reality TV series?

Following God is an exciting adventure! We certainly never expected to be on television. After serving in the Arkansas State Legislature as a Representative for several years, Jim Bob felt that God wanted him to run for U.S. Senate in 2002. On the day of the...

What is courtship?

If you’re single and hope to get married someday, you have to go from being single, to starting a relationship, to getting engaged, to walking down the aisle. Some people choose the modern dating path to get there. Some choose the...

How did Michelle and Jim Bob meet and fall in love?

Jim Bob attended a dating seminar at his family’s church in Junior High. In the seminar, teenagers were encouraged to make two important commitments: first, that they wouldn’t date anyone who wasn’t a Christian, and second, that they wouldn’t date anyone who didn’t...

What does a typical day in the Duggar house look like?

We have goals, but then we have reality! We are learning to practice flexibility—not setting our affections on ideas or plans, which could be changed by God or others! Sometimes we have "Daddy Days" when Daddy overrides the schedule and takes the children out for...

How did you decide to have such a large family?

When we first got married, we thought we would have maybe two or three children. Michelle started off our marriage taking the birth control pill so we could plan when we wanted children. After three years, Michelle went off the pill and we had our first son,...

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We were so happy to celebrate with Jeremiah and Hannah at their beautiful wedding yesterday! Congratulations on this exciting new chapter in your lives as husband and wife! 💕 @jerduggar @hannahwissmann
@johnandabbie release OFFICIAL STATEMENT on plane crash. 💔🙏🏼 Link in bio.
Jackson got a nice buck on Saturday, the opening day of gun season here in Arkansas! We’ve already enjoyed some of the meat from his harvest! Deer jerky is one of our favorites to make. Jackson is a good shot, and becoming a great cook, too! 👨‍🍳

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