2022 Summer Recap

by | Sep 30, 2022 | 8 comments

I was just scrolling through my camera roll looking at all of the happy memories we have made this summer. Birthdays, babies, the beach, and so much more—I have savored every second of the warm summer months! It went by so quickly, but I think we had a nice mix of activities and downtime this year. We traveled some, but also had a lot of sweet time at home in Arkansas with relatives and friends. I treasure my family, and am so thankful for all of the precious people God has placed in our lives!

I would love to hear some of your favorite memories from this summer in the comments! They may look different than ours, but the practice of pausing and reflecting on the good things God brings to our lives is a wonderful way to welcome each new season.

I thought I’d share a small snippet of our photos from the past few months below!


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  1. Melissa

    Thank you for the lovely and uplifting post. You manage to be so encouraging to others even when you are going through tough times.

  2. Rose

    Beautiful photos of what sounds like a wonderful summer you had with your family. So happy for you. Happy Thanksgiving ! 😊

  3. RL

    I know John and Abbie have had their second baby. What’s his full name and when was he born?

  4. Becky Harris

    I miss your show, THANK YOU for sharing!

  5. Denise S.

    Loved the pictures! I see you went to Lehman’s in Ohio. One of my favorite places to visit when I go to the Amish Country in Ohio. Hope you enjoyed visiting my home state!

  6. Terese Zelones

    Great choice visiting Lehman’s in Ohio. Only wish I had known…I live just 45 minutes from there! (I met you at the Family Conference in DC back in 2014. I gave you a gift for your birthday – a sign to hang on the door of your prayer room.)

  7. Annelise

    So fun! My favorite memory last summer, so many really, was going down to Saint Augustine, FL, which we try to do every summer with our family, for the first time with our newest family member, a little baby girl who has three older brothers. I cherish those moments by the powerful ocean, the the sun and sand, playing together, relaxing together, and enjoying God’s beautiful creation together. I am grateful to have such a beautiful family to share life with. This summer we are focusing on staying closer to home, working on projects on our little farmstead, enjoying the pristine lake by our home, and hiking parts of the appalachian trail by our home. I feel called to be home and focus there more this year.


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