Duggar Family Statement on “Counting On”

by | Jul 3, 2021 | 81 comments

Family response to TLC’s announcement to no longer film “Counting On”

It is hard to believe that more than 17 years have passed since we were first contacted by a production company wanting to do a one-hour documentary about the logistics of raising 14 children. Our family has grown (and grown up!) before our eyes and on national television, and the journey has been miraculous—following God is an exciting adventure!

Over the years, some of our most treasured moments have been those when we met children across the country who are alive today because of our testimony that children are a blessing—a special gift from God—and that the only real hope for individuals and families is a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since we began filming so long ago, we’ve had the amazing honor to share our lives, our faith, and our story with you—including some of the most difficult and painful moments our family has ever faced. We are full of deep gratitude for the love shown to us and the prayers of so many who have sustained us both now and through the years.

We look forward to all the new adventures and endeavors that may come our way, and with so many grown children and wonderful grandchildren, we know our love will only continue to multiply!

We are forever grateful for our film crew and so many others behind the scenes who have become like family to us over the years. The wonderful experiences that filming has provided us will be treasured always, and we look forward to discovering what’s next for our family and sharing more with you along the way!

—Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

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  1. Debbie Monson

    Thank you and God bless you have followed your faith centered journey from the first special years ago🙏 this breaks my heart that we won’t get to continue watching on a regular basis🙏hopefully there will be updates or something that we can watch and still follow y’all🔥🙏🔥

    • Marillyn


      • Kat

        I have been following your family’s story since your first special. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I will miss watching your show. But will continue to follow your family’s journey. Hopefully someday we’ll meet.

      • Andrea

        I look up to you both and am very grateful for your faithfulness to our God. Your soft spoken and gentle nature towards your children and others is a wonderful example to all.

        • T Switz

          Y’all are in my prayers! Thanking God for your family to have the guts to take a stand for Christ, while being transparent, while the whole world watches and judges you all. Shame on them! We are human, no one is perfect, only Jesus! I hope y’all return to television thru UPtv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us all posted. We’re standing with yas!

      • Nancy Thomson

        Mr. and Mrs. Duggar and Family

        Love your family and am glad to have had the opportunity to glimpse into your family.

        You showed the world that family and children are blessings. That with the good there is still difficulties the difference is how thru God and faith we can learn and grow.

        You all have succeeded to show that even though we know Christ we can fall from Gods graces but through prayer and loving discipline we can help guide our loved ones and hold them closer through love.

        I am thankful I am still able to see updates about your family and hope you know you and your family has uplifted me at times in my life.

    • ZouZou

      It saddens me greatly to read this news. My husband and I have enjoyed watching your family grow up on TV since your first television special. He frequently asks me if there are any new episodes of Counting On to watch. Now I have to tell him that there will not be any new episodes.

      Thank you for sharing your family and life with us for the past almost 20 years. May God continue to bless you all.

      • Melissa Ginther

        Thank you for your Godly example over the years. If your testimony has even saved one person’s soul it’s been well worth it! I pray the Lord will have many more wonderful adventures for your beautiful family. May God bless you all! Keep in touch.

    • Anonymous

      My Husband and I are Sadden to hear this, we have been with your family since the Beginning on the Discovery! We will still continue to Follow Your Family the way it is Now and Always has Been. So Grateful God put all of us on the same Pathway. Just know your not alone, and I too have been in a similar situation only in my own shoes. Thank you, for Sharing your Family with all of us, can Never say Thank you, Enough- Extra Hugs, from so far away…

    • Mika

      I will miss seeing your family. I will never forget the time I met you at a barnes and noble in Franklin TN. The comment Ms Michelle gave me a young mother with 2 little girls in the toddler stage of life with not a big support system, made me realize I was doing a good job and gave me hope that no matter the struggle I could do this mom thing. Hearing her tell me I was a good mom actually brought tears to my eyes. No one had told me that in the three years I had been a mom. Thank you and I’ll always keep your family in my prayers.

    • Patricia Awe

      I will really miss your show! I have watched it forever and have loved every episode. I was so looking forward to watching the the other children that have found true love. I can’t believe they have let you go. Hope that another program will pick you up. Hope that you have a wonderful life and hope we will see you along the way again. God Bless

  2. Michelle

    Hi to the dugger family. I was always a fan of your show and i hope it will return. I hope tlc realize that what josh did or what has been said josh did it shouldnt affect you all. He wasnt on counting on your show should still be running. Thats just my opinion.

    • Judy

      I won’t lie. I’m grieving a little. Hope y’all do stay active on social media. I miss seeing everyone. I have been praying for your family. God bless.

      • Terri L

        Thank you for sharing your life, and thank you to your children and grandchildren who have shared theirs. I know it all came at a price, but I hope, in the end, the good outweighed the bad. Also, Michelle, from one mom to another, I admire you. You are a great woman.

        • Diane

          I am so very sad to hear this news.. I have loved watching your family grow up and start families of their own. I hope to be able to follow everyone on social media, but sadly it just won’t be the same. May the Lord continue to bless and keep each and every one of you❤️

    • Terry Moore

      I will miss this wonderful family Jinger and Jeremy book I read and enjoyed, reading at midnight and kept reading. Michelle I was glad to meet you at my church First Southern Baptist Church in Camden Ohio, with your sister. Your family is beautiful and I talk to her how much I love you all.

      God bless you
      Terry Moore

      • Consuelo Hernandez

        Hello Duggar family. I really love your family. I have followed you from the beginning and enjoyed your shows! Seeing your children grow up and now your grandchildren. It was an honor to meet you all on the shows!! I hope someday I meet you Jim Bob and Michelle in person. I hope there will be other ways, to keep us fans updates on your family. Love you all and many blessings!

      • Esmeralda

        God has blessed your family because of your Love for God. I have only gained from viewing your show, how God can be so gracious with life in general. And always look to God for wisdom and peace. Gracias❤

  3. Stephany

    I have loved watching your family on tv. I truly admire your love for the Lord and your family. I have looked at you guys as an example with my own family as I don’t have any women in my family that are anything like amazing Michelle she has inspired me in so many ways as a women, wife and mom. I am so sad to see you guys leave the show but I am so grateful for you all and your Godly example. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. Anonymous

    I would still like to watch Counting On. Sad, very sad to see it go. Would love to see it come back on.

  5. Jennifer Taylor

    Thank you for sharing your lives and adventures with us. The news of the cancelation was heart breaking. We know that their are new adventures, marriages and grandchildren on the horizon and hopefully we will still be able to keep up with the family members through other means than the show. I can only imagine how hard all of this has been on all of you. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers and again thank you for letting us tag along for the last 17 yrs!

    • Kathy

      Your show has been entertaining and we have watched, amazed at how a family manages so many children! We are grateful that Christ’s love has been the center and you have not been hesitant to proclaim Him through your show. Although we don’t necessarily support many of your views such as wearing dresses only and the extreme lifestyle, we too know that Jesus is the only way and we thank you for sending His love out to so many through your program over the years.

    • Venita Reon

      I will miss seeing ya’ll on tlc. I understand why but it is still sad. I watched you from the beginning. You put your family out there for the world to see. I know thats not easy as so many people can be cruel with their comments. You have been a blessing and I pray for strength to face whatever is up ahead. We know that when God closes one door He opens another.
      Thank you for sharing your lives through the years. Will be praying for you. God Bless You!

  6. Niomi Wagner

    Thank you so much for the impact that you had in my life and my families life. I will continue to pray for your family.
    From 🇨🇦

  7. Lori Turnbow

    I have loved watching your family since the beginning

    • Johanna

      I watched you all from the very beginning, and still follow you on Instagram and YouTube. My prayers are with you all.

    • Julie B.

      I was so saddened to hear of the show cancelling. I’ve grown to love your family so much! Continue to stand strong in your faith. Blessings to you all!

  8. Amber P.

    I have watched your family since day one. Been amazing watching your family grow and now having families of their own. I wish nothing but the best for you all and will be praying you. I hope you keep the media pages on Facebook to follow with. Thank you for allowing us into your home the past 17 years. Bless you all.

  9. Anonymous

    Now is the time to focus on your family and let your youngest children enjoy life without the cameras. Take care of yourselves.

  10. Ashley

    I have absolutely loved watching your family through the years and I will miss seeing you! Seeing your family has absolutely helped strengthen my relationship with Jesus and has influenced my decision to give my children a Christian homeschool education. Thank you so much Duggar family, I love you all!

  11. Carol Montgomery

    I will sincerely miss this show! I had not heard it was cancelled and am disappointed with TLC.
    There are so few wholesome shows onTV and on TLC. Hopefully you can develop a utube show so those of us who have become part of your extended family through prayer can continue to follow your family.

  12. Kortney Jones

    My family has always enjoyed watching you through the years, both on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. It really makes me sad that TLC is suspending Counting On, especially since the reason why they’re cancelling has not even been seen on Counting On. Since TLC suspended your show, have you considered talking with other channels to broadcast your show? My family watches the Bates family show on UP network and it would be perfect that both your show and theirs are on the network since you’ve been friends with them for years.

  13. Brandi

    TLC may have cut your show but thankfully there’s still social media where you can connect and continue to share your testimony. Your family has definitely made an impact on me over the years and I can only imagine the amount of other families you have impacted as well!! Thank you for being so faithful to what God called you to do so many years ago. I just love your family so much!! And Michelle, please PLEASE can you write a parenting book and maybe do like an online parenting course or something like that? Oh how I would love to learn some of your parenting tips! May God continue to bless all of you!!

  14. Kim Fiduccia

    I was very much looking forward to the new season. I will miss watching the show and seeing the family grow. You’ll be missed.

  15. Anonymous

    I will really miss the show. I have been watching from the beginning. Thank you Duggars for your ministry and showing that children are a blessing from the Lord.

  16. anonymous

    Jim Bob, Michelle and all the family, Thank you for all these years of sharing Jesus with the world, for sharing the love of God, for showing the world that God will provide for his own and will abundantly bless those who are obedient to Him and His Holy Word, the Bible. God is not finished with the Duggar family’s mission to spread His love and His message to the world.

  17. Amy

    I have been deeply encouraged by your ministry, Duggar family. The way you cherish your children – demonstrated in what you say, the tone you use, the time and energy you invest in them – has been such a testimony. Your love for Christ shines in your love for each other. Thank you for allowing us into your home for so many years! I would love to send you a note of gratitude by mail. Do you still have a PO Box? Love and prayers from Canada.

  18. Debra McGan

    Praying for your family during this difficult time. Also sending prayers to Anna and her children. Take care of your beautiful family. I will miss seeing you all on TV.

    • Rosanne Door

      I will really miss watching your beautiful family grow. I will also be praying for Anna and the children. May GOD continue to bless and take care of all of you.

  19. Anonymous

    I guess we should have known that Counting On was too different from the other icky shows TLC now shows. I guess people want to see 90 day marriage and the like. I have watched the Duggar family from the first show, and loved seeing the kids grow and start their own familes.
    Real people, even with problems. I will miss them all.

  20. Vanessa

    I have followed the family from day one
    And Counting on should continue as Josh had nothing to do with this show
    Best wishes to the entire family hope they come back soon and we can continue watching their family grow

    • Anonymous

      I agree. They had nothing to do with what he did/didn’t do. Don’t punish the rest of the family

  21. Judith E Halstead

    Shame on TLC for cancelling your shows, both 19 and Counting and Counting On. You profess to be Christians, not perfect. Your shows were always a blessing, but it seems TLC prefers to showcase amoral people and their lives. I simply cannot watch some of the filth they are producing these days. However, I will follow your family on any platform that where I can find you.

  22. Bea Jones

    I would LOVE to see Michelle and the girls do a show on budgeting, cooking/cleaning, homeschooling, gardening (Jana), and family life. If nothing else, a youtube segment once a month. Michelle, my hope is to one day meet you and just thank you for being the woman you are. You have truly inspired and encouraged me and I appreciate and pray for you.

  23. Anonymous

    Will miss seeing the family and their activities. Plus all the new spouses to join the family
    and their children. Maybe TLC will decide to film in the near future.

  24. Julie Howard

    Another good clean family show gone .will miss y’all

  25. Ann Aten

    Go to UP Faith and Family. Bringing up Bates is there. I love your show. I will be glad not to watch TLC anymore. They have a line up that is so far from reality. I only watch Counting on after it airs on demand. Up I watch live. We do not watch much TV to begin with. Even less this last few years. We like it better that way. Your show is great. If you can not air on UP do a YouTube channel like Jessa. I love watching her videos and hearing her speak about God and her journey. Whatever you end up doing thank you for sharing your lives and Faith with us. Good things will come through God’s many blessings. Keep us updated. We hope you make the move to UP. Peace.

  26. Marilyn

    I have been watching since the beginning I will miss you all! ❤️

  27. Kelly

    I praise God for you and for your family. May God bless you and encourage. you. We have an enemy who does not like your testimony… I will continue to pray for Josh and Anna and their family… May the LORD strengthen them for whatever is ahead. HE is a God of mercy and transformation. May He be glorified. May the little children be protected in our world.. May we take the evils of pornography seriously. May our society step up and esteem human beings as precious.

  28. Sarah

    Love y’all – thank you for being a Godly example for me and my family.

  29. Rhonda Nichols

    Thank you for posting this for us. It gives me a bit of closure. Will continue to love all of you for the rest of my life, and hope to see news of you occasionally.

  30. Rachel Indihar

    I was very sad to hear that TLC decided to end Counting On so abruptly when the family members on the show had nothing to do with the current, sad events. I have watched your family from the very beginning on Discovery Health, and it was a wonderful 17 years! Please consider sharing your lives on some other platform like Up Faith and Family, or share videos on this website. I will keep praying for your family and for Josh, Anna and their precious children and unborn little girl. May God continue to bless your family and be with you all!

  31. Cheryl Palechek

    Your family is precious and a blessing to many. Continuing to pray for God’s perfect will and plan in the days ahead. Hugs to you all! The Palechek family.

  32. Susan Z

    God bless you for sharing your faith and your family all these years. You’ve given me the joy of experiencing a loving and godly family. I will be praying for God to always bless and guide your family. I hope you continue to share about your lives on your website.

  33. Alice mcdonald

    Hello Duggar’s,
    I have been watching your family for years and I have enjoyed all of it. I will continue to keep up with you and your family is on my prayer list. We may not understand but God does andHe will keep us. May God hold you all close.

  34. Anonymous

    Beautiful family! God bless you all! ♥️🙏

  35. Andrea

    We are so close to the return of the LORD. Look up, Duggar family…and everyone!

    The ABC’s of Salvation:

    Admit that you are a sinner in need of the Savior.
    Believe that Christ Jesus can save you, through what He already did on the cross.
    Choose to follow Jesus – The Way, Truth, and Life!

  36. Iris Frazier

    I have enjoyed from day one air and maybe farther down the line tlc will reconsider the show any thing possible God is in charge.

  37. Darlene

    I truly will miss watching all your grand babies grow up and being born. I hope another network picks up your show.

    You and your family are in my prayers. The world believes that because you are a Christian that sin and bad things won’t happen in your family. They believe No one ever does wrong even when taught the right way.

    Much love and prayers are for you all and I hope this is not goodbye just see you soon!

  38. Anonymous

    Colleen on July 3, 21 I have had my grand children watch your family have deep morals. The morals today are absolutely absent. I pray that some how you can continue your wonderful. Family program. 🥰

  39. Renee McMillan-Jones

    I will miss your wonderful family, and will continue praying for you all.

    • Chris

      How about a ring channel, or a Rumble channel? We need Godly families now more than ever, don’t let the devil keep your message away from those who need it.

  40. Darla Bradley

    I have watched every single episode starting with The Discovery Channel’s documentaries at least once. You are an inspiration to so many people. Thank you for sharing your family and your faith in God with us. May God bless your future adventures!

  41. Connie J Henderson

    I have watched your family through the years, all the happiness and struggles are real life, thank you for sharing with the public. Shame on TLC I cannot understand why your shows were cancelled. You have a good sized fan base…maybe you will have to have your own studio and produce your own segments:)

  42. Anonymous

    There is virtually no decent television anymore. Your show was about all that was left. It was the only show that did not have family tearing apart family. It did not have profanity. It did not have violence. My youngest was able to watch your show. (Our others are older) Her high standard for potential boyfriends was due in part to the girls’ book. Her morals came from church but also from a weekly dose of kind and loving people that support each other and share in good clean fun. Thank you for those years.

  43. Tori Bell

    This my favorite people and it is full of treasure when I was watching it… it has so much learning about our God… i want to called it.. “full of love family tree.” I really love this show so much…

  44. Joseph Eaton

    As I’ve mentioned before, watching your Christian family for many years has brought joy to us. You and the Bates family bring hope to this dark world. We still need you and your example. If Up Faith and Family channel approach you, please come back.

  45. Bethany

    We will miss seeing your family on TV. One of the last remaining decent family shows.
    Prayers for continued blessings for your family’s future. You will be missed!

  46. Makenzie

    This makes me so sad to see that your family is not going to be on tv anymore. I have always loved watching you guys and watching your family grow!! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!q you will be missed, and hopefully one day you guys will continue on the show… Love you guys!!!❤️

  47. Makenzie

    This makes me so sad to see and hear that your family is not coming back… I have always watched and never missed an episode on TV… I have enjoyed watching your family grow and prosper!! You all will be missed! y’all are in my thought and prayers everyday!! Love you guys!!❤️

  48. Linda Patterson Copeland

    I will miss Y’all but intend to keep in touch by internet – especially You tube. My Parents raised me in a Christian Home and Wesleyan Church. The BEST gift any Parent can give their Child is Be The Church and that’s what I saw in your wonderful TV series . Keep On Keeping on For The Lord and Letting Your Light Shine. Love Y’all & best wishes…
    P.S. Why not try a Christian Station – that will produce your sweet Real reality of “We grew 19 Children with 1 in Heaven”

  49. Leo

    Like so many others, I’m very sad that the show will not be on TV anymore. I’ve watched since the first special and found so much inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for sharing the journey of your family and facing life’s ups and downs with continued faith and kindness. Along with many people, you are all in my prayers. I pray we will be privileged to watch your family in other formats.

  50. LeeAnn

    So sorry to hear the show is ending. I have enjoyed following your family. May God continue to bless your family.

  51. Lidia Romero

    Gracias por compartir sus historias con nosotros. Siempre vi el show desde 2015 y aprendi mucho de su estilo de vida. Siempre estare siguiendolos aunque no se presente el show. Dios los bendiga.

  52. Mark Trezise

    I will miss seeing the Duggars on TV but I can find videos of them on YouTube and the internet. Hopefully one day the older siblings can start their own reality show. It would be amazing for Jana to host the show since she’s the only unmarried adult sibling and for her to bring the married siblings (John-David & Abbie, Jill & Derick, Jessa & Ben, Jinger & Jeremy, Joseph & Kendra, Josiah & Lauren, and Joy-Anna & Austin) back to our television screens. The show should be called A Duggar Home Companion.

    • Mark Trezise

      They should also bring back all the younger Duggars including Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie.

  53. Daria

    It breaks my heart((


    I love your show and never missed an episode. So sorry you were cancelled because of Josh. I agree with others Josh hasn’t had anything to do with the show for years. Your family is an inspiration to all. I hope TLC reconsiders. There is a lot on that network that isn’t always appropriate. But “reality is reality”.

  55. Anonymous

    I will miss you all. I loved that you loved the lord with imperfections and all! NO one is perfect sad that TLC does want us to see that! Much love and grace to you all!

  56. betty

    Just saw this story as I was leaving another comment and I am sicken by TLC. The sinful and horrible shows they run yet cancel your wonderful family show?! I pray you consider another network! The fans support you and the show 110%!! God bless!

  57. Anonymous

    I so miss y’all being on tv. It was a wonderful wholesome show a family could sit down and watch, and not have to worry about cuss words being thrown out there every other word. Then I got into Bringing Up Bates and was like I like this too. So when y’all went off I still got to see y’all every once in a while until they went off too. Now I’m just like I need my Duggars and Bates back they were great families to watch and look up to.


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