Double Reveal!

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Being parents ourselves is one of the most amazing experiences in life, however, we could have never anticipated the joy being grandparents brings us. We cannot wait to meet these new little granddaughters! —Jim Bob & Michelle

Josiah & Lauren

After suffering from a miscarriage last year, Lauren and Josiah have been cherishing every step of her current pregnancy. So when it came to finding out the gender, they wanted to be surprised along with everyone else! They had bloodwork done to determine the gender and gave the results to Lauren’s sister Lily. At a small party, each family member was given a balloon filled with white, pink or blue confetti and whichever balloon had either blue or pink would determine the gender. But Lily surprised them by hiding one final balloon in the back with the actual reveal confetti – PINK! It’s a girl for Josiah and Lauren!

“We are so grateful for God blessing us with a sweet baby girl! If she only knew how loved and how many people have already been praying for her! She truly is a gift…a miracle from God.” —Lauren

Joe & Kendra

This gender reveal was centered around Garrett’s first birthday party and they gave him a smash cake! Garrett was the person who revealed that he was having a baby sister once he got to the middle of the cake and there was pink frosting!

“Parenting has already proven to be more wonderful than we could have dreamed. Even though we come from large families, there is nothing like having your own children. We are so thrilled that a little girl will be joining our family! Garrett is going to be such a great big brother.” —Kendra

The color pink keeps on revealing itself around here, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Congrats to Josh & Anna, Josiah & Lauren, and Joe & Kendra!!

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  1. Pat Gorski

    I see lots of tea parties in your future with all the little girls. How awesome!!

  2. NOREEN chappita


  3. C Henson

    Congratulations to both couples.

  4. Lasonia Brooks you both

  5. Gerald Kneeland

    Praise God! So glad for the Duggar family. Y’all are always in my prayers and thank you for sharing your lives with us as an example of Christ love that our world so desperately needs. May God’s richest blessings be upon your family and every future generation now and forever! Glory hallelujah

  6. Miriam C Martinez

    Congratulations are in order for two Lovely couple who each await the arrival of their baby girl…God blessed you …Josiah & Lauren….Joe & Kendra…

  7. Debra Bennett

    Prayers for happy, healthy baby girls. God is so good. We are excited to see all the new bundles of joy.

  8. Carrie Anne A Cmarada

    How wonderful for you all, God Bless!

  9. Ann Ballard

    What wonderful news! So happy for all of them.

  10. Brittany Taylor Reid

    Congrats to all 4 of you

  11. Kay Vance

    Congratulations to you all I’m so happy for y’all and may God keep his Loving hands on you!!!

  12. Sherry Saladrigas

    So many beautiful blessings on the way Congrats to each an every one.

  13. Sandy francisco

    Congrats to ALL!! Such a sweet heritage?

  14. Debbie

    When are you coming back on TV the new show

  15. Brooke Storrs

    Congratulations to all of you on your new additions. I love your show.

  16. Samantha wetzel

    Yeay I’m so happy for you guys that means the three youngest are all girls

  17. Bridget Gill

    Congratulations to all of you, may God continue to keep you and bless you all.

  18. Elizabeth hardeman


  19. Stacie Luster

    Congratulations on your gifts, God Bless you all now and ALWAYS. Exciting news.

  20. Laurie Michael

    Congratulations to the expecting couples! This “pink wave” will be a sweet time for y’all! God Bless!

  21. Erica Evans

    Congratulations!!! Such a great show and family. God bless you and your precious little ones.

  22. Trudy Donnelly

    :'( Not available in my location. Australia.

  23. Tina Elston

    Josh and Anna-josiah and Lauren -Joe and Kendra.. So happy for y’all such a miracle and beautiful blessing, god bestowed you each with a beautiful baby girl!!!!! And Ben and Ivy just had miss sweet Ivy Jane seewald on May 26th is precious. Enjoy your beautiful girls… Lots of love and congratulations from my family to yours….

  24. Marilyn Collins

    Congratulations Lauren and Josiah Wishing you blessings ,love and peace. Kendra and Joseph congratulations . blessings,love and peace to you. God Bless Marilyn,Joan and Marion

  25. Dee Romano

    I am so happy for the upcoming new additions. Little girls made from Love. Thank you all for sharing your life on camera. I look forward to it every week. Just watched Jessa’s Ivy Jane being born. Also my Condolences on Grandma Dugger’s passing. May she rest in Peace.

  26. Barbara Stock

    Fantastic news! After so many boys, here come the girls. Can’t wait!!!

  27. Karen Serra

    I’m so happy for all of you, I didn’t realize Josh and Anna were also expecting. When is their baby due and do they know the gender? What a blessing for all of you. I’ll be praying that the babies will be healthy and thank the Lord for his blessing on all of you! I know they will be beautiful babies too! God bless you! <#

  28. Katie Suko

    Congrats to all of you and all these sweet additions! We have had 3 girls and 2 boys in 11 years and theres never a dull moment! Cant wait to watch all the events on tv soon!


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