Happy Father’s Day 2017!

by | Jun 18, 2017 | 1 comment

I am so thankful that our children have Jim Bob as a father! He is always such a great example of the love, patience, and kindness that Lord has for us. Jim Bob always makes time for each child and shows such love, care, and concern for each of them. It’s always been so important to him that we do things as a family. He’s always taken kids with him everywhere he goes—whether that working on a remodel, selling a car or even to the Capitol when he was in our state legislature. He’s always wanted to be with our children. I am so glad that the Lord brought us together all those years ago and that I am your partner in life to raise these amazing children. Happy Father’s Day, Jim Bob—we all love you so much! – Your Chelle

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  1. Julie Ezell

    I came across this and was writing down the list of 16 things to pray for your children. I have a question regarding the last one – that boys are happy to be boys and girls happy to be girls. It may be that in this day and age of new and unbiblical ideas of ‘gender’ I am reading too much into it. Is it more that you pray they will find happiness in who and how God made them, and what Biblical role comes with that?


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