Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!

We’re John and Abbie!

We love spending time together and with family. We grew up attending the same homeschool conferences together for about 18 years but officially met in May of 2018 and got married 6 months later—you could say it was love at first sight! Six months after we got married, we found out we were expecting our first baby who was born January 7, 2020. We love absolutely being the parents of our two children, Gracie and Charlie!

John is a pilot and Abbie loves to go wherever he goes, so they enjoy traveling together a lot! John also does some real estate, construction and a variety of other odds and ends. Abbie is an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and plans to keep her license current, but is not working outside of the home as a nurse right now. John and Abbie are also part of the non-profit organization MEDIC Corps and do mission work together in the Philippines.

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