Jeremiah and Hannah’s First Wedding Photos

by | Mar 31, 2022 | 6 comments

We were so thrilled to celebrate Jeremiah and Hannah at their beautiful wedding on March 26! Join us in congratulating them in this exciting new chapter in their lives as husband and wife! —Jim Bob and Michelle

“Our wedding day was absolutely amazing! There are so many moments that I will never forget. Getting to see the girl of my dreams in her white dress for the first time, those back doors opening with the music playing and the most gorgeous bride walking down the aisle, our first kiss, our grand exit at sunset and all of the moments in between that flew by way too fast. It was so special!” —Jeremiah

“Still can’t believe how absolutely perfect our wedding day was!! I’m literally getting tears just looking through the pictures. God answered so many prayers!! I just wish I could relive every single moment over again. A huge thank you to each person that added to the specialness of the day.” —Hannah

Thank you to each person that made it all possible!

Photography: @emitton
Videography: @gabenatorfilms
Dress: @reneesbridal_
Venue: @lilachillne
Hair/makeup: @theeffortlessbeauty
Wedding party: @jed_duggar @jaseduggar @jamesaduggar @littleduggarfamily @sus.wiss @alaythia.wissmann @rissywiss @zibbyjoy

And so many other family members and friends!

Any photos on this page are considered the property of the Duggar Family and may only be used with their written permission. To request permission to use the photos please click here.

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  1. Lindsay

    Hannah is a beautiful bride! You can see how happy she is and that she radiates happiness in these pictures! Congratulations you two!!

  2. Theresa

    My new favorite Duggar couple. They seem serene and truly happy together. Simpler than some in style, but it’s a great fit for them. Many wonderful years ahead for you two.

    • Bekah

      I just watched your 16 &Counting special again tonight (when Johanna was born) ~ crazy to know almost all of the children you had then are married with families of their own now ❤

  3. Lori

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. What a special day for the couple – and the families. Sending love from California.

  4. Rhonda Scott

    beautiful pictures! I really wish that ya’ll were still on TV. I would have loved watching your wedding and courtship. I’m so far behind. I guess the last wedding I watched was Josiah’s. Love ya’ll! My prayer is that ya’ll have a loving forever marriage.

  5. cindy

    what beautiful pictures…glad that you shared your happiness and wedding day with us!!


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