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  1. Patricia Meyers

    Does this family really think that this child really has a singing voice? You are setting her up to fail. She already gets all your and Jim Bob’s attention at the expense of the other young girls in your family. They are left behind so Josie can get all your attention. This has been mentioned several times. I don’t want to be mean, but Jodie has no voice. Please do not make her sing again on the show. Please stop coddleing her and you letting her be the center of attention. She does it all the time, especially when her Dad is talking. She will push her way through to climb on his lap so she is seen. Rein her in for God sakes. She is no longer that cute little baby she is nothing but a spoiled child who is getting away with her actions at the expense of your other kids.

  2. Emma Adams

    Love her voice that voice of hers is a gift that God has given her I hope(and know that) God has a plan with that voice of hers!!!


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