Happy Father’s Day!

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Jim Bob, 

I feel so blessed and honored to be your wife! You are a wonderful husband and a great father!

Jesus said the greatest among you will be the servant. You are a servant leader in our family! You lead by your Godly example.

You have always said that your greatest joy is to spend time with me & the children, and we truly believe that. Jim Bob, you have demonstrated your love in so many ways as a father.

I have sweet memories of you helping with our newborn babies, during those late night feedings. You would get up and change the baby’s diaper and then bring the baby to me to feed. Your gentle spirit shined bright through those sleep challenged nights.

I remember early on when we started our used car business you would let the little ones “help” you wash cars. Getting to play with the water hose was a big thrill for them! 

Then when we started our wrecker towing and recovery service you would take a little “towing buddy” along with you buckled in their car or booster seat, teaching them the names of streets and other trivia as if it were a fun game!

You taught the boys to work on bikes and soon our garage was transformed into a bike “hospital”, full of old bikes the boys would take apart & piece back together, polish, paint & then park in our front yard to sell!

You took our whole family on fun bike rides. Often, I was pregnant so I would follow along behind driving our 15 passenger van with water and snacks. Then about halfway through the bike route, you would stop the convoy and help lift the little ones, into the van along with their bikes for the remainder of the bike excursion. The little ones so enjoyed this because with each successive bike trip they would eventually work up to riding the entire route with Daddy and the “big” kids! What joy!

Many times I remember you coming home after an exhausting day of work, we would enjoy dinner together and then you would say, “Honey would you & the kids like to go for a drive?” I knew you would have much rather stayed at home with us and relaxed but you knew it would be fun for me and the children to do something “special” with you. As we drove along and enjoyed the beautiful Ozark mountain views we would sing or quote scripture together. Sometimes we would stop at a school playground or public park to play in the cool of the evening.

You know how to make ordinary days more exciting by pitching a tent in the backyard and “camping” with the children! And you are a great cook over the grill! You can make some awesome hamburgers and hot dogs!

You are teaching our children to work hard by your example! I love that you bring them along side of you as you work on cars or do construction work, house repairs or yard work.

What a great idea it was when you decided to make our house building project a learning experience for our whole family! Our children learned valuable skills for life through that experience with you!

I’m so thankful that you have encouraged our children to have a ministry mindset, to look outside of themselves and to be an encourager & helper to others.

I’m grateful that you see the importance of music training for our children and that your focus is for them to use that talent to glorify God.

Your children know that you love them and they can talk with you and have a safe place to share their heart. You lift them up to God in prayer not only in your private prayer time but together with each one individually.

I’m so grateful that you read the Bible with us and we have family times of prayer together! You truly desire to humbly walk with God and to share His love with others.

Your children are blessed to call you daddy and I feel the most blessed of all to be your bride!

Happy Fathers Day sweetheart!  

I love you more today than when I married you 32 years ago!


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