Watch Michelle and Jim Bob’s Birthday Message for Israel

by | Apr 6, 2016 | 26 comments

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  1. Mary Guy

    A very sweet video from the both of you to Israel Jill & rest of Duggar Kids have Awesome parents Yes you two are awesome ..I hope Israel has a fun Birthday !! I was good to see you to Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar

  2. Stephanie Carter

    So wonderful to see you both. Miss watching you every week and getting inspired by how great you are with your children and to see such love and patience overflowing from both of you. You truly are a wonderful family! Birthday wishes to Israel!

  3. Lacey Ignasiak

    You guys are just the sweetest, most caring, loving, spirit filled people. I pray for you and your family, it’s not often you find a family so dedicated to serving the lord. I look up you your family and pray I can raise my daughter to live and serve the lord just as beautifully as you all. Happy Birthday Israel. May the lord bless you abundantly!

  4. Sandra Rouse

    What a wonderful family. I so miss your show, but at least we get to see a lot of the family on Jill and Jessa’s show. The children are all growing up so fast, seems like I know them as I have watched your show since it first came on. God bless and we all love and miss your show.

  5. Mary Holland

    I miss you all! So glad to see your daughters and family on TV! Thank you for your ministry for the Lord! And raising a family for the Lord! We need more families like your who love the Lord and serve him. Thank you for the years I enjoyed your show! Its hard to find something good on TV! Have a wonderful day in the Lord !

  6. Yvonne Singleton

    Miss seeing the while family on TV may God bless you all

  7. Susan Demmons

    What a great video for your grandson’s 1st birthday! May God bless all of you richly.

  8. Sara minori

    Beautiful message.?

  9. Judy Henderson

    Wish they could be with their baby Grandson, I miss seeing Jim Bob and Michelle on T.V. God Bless them both and Happy Birthday Israel and God Bless you too,little man.

  10. Becky Compton

    Awesome …. I know you both miss him …. Just so thankful his mom and dad are missionaries for our Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Amanda Lee Holford

    Happy birthday Izzy To have people in your life who serve the Lord full heartedly what a blessing.

  12. Christine mason

    I LOVE the Dugger family… So thrilled you are back on TV !!!!!!

  13. Anne

    Why would you post a message instead of using skype to talk to them directly? Does everything always have to be done for the public’s attention?

  14. Cyndee Wenzel

    Happy Birthday Israel !! God Bless you ! The video was so sweet ! I wish you all could be together, thank goodness for Skype! Praying for you all. <3

  15. Nelda Rust

    It is so good to see you both and hear your voices. I love Counting On but I wish I could see more of you two also. 🙂

  16. Kayla McDaniel

    God bless that beautiful grand baby! And God bless you all for giving us a peek into your lives. You are definitely an inspiration and a great example to others! Much love!!

  17. Brandy Thierry

    Beautiful message. I love and miss you guys and have so much respect for you and your family!!!!!

  18. Lynn Stewart

    I miss you two being on the show so much. I love the new show, but I love your wisdom, and your love for life, your kids, and God. On another note Happy Birthday Ishreal. This is just the beginning of a long loving life of a family of god, and love.

  19. Deanna Robbins

    God bless you all, no reply necessary. Just saying good morning, hope y’all have a great blessing filled day. #lovetheduggarfamily

  20. joanne leach

    I thought that message was really cute I liked it

  21. Sally Hamblin

    Thank You for making this lil’ video and sharing it with us, for we truly miss seeing you both on T.V. in the kids new show now airing. It’s wonderful to see the kids as they grow, but oh how we miss the two of you, and of course, Grandma Duggar. But Lord willingly, there will be a new day of refreshing ahead. Until then, this lil’ video brings much joy and encourages us as we plant and water along His path each day. We love and miss you. And “Happy B’Day Israel”!

  22. Deidre Pestanio

    I’m so glad that Israel is healthy and happy, what a doll. I’m missing you Michele and Jim Bob, watching you all from the start. I love the new show but we want you guys too! Thank the lord for DVDs. I’m grateful for the updates. My prayers to each of you Duggars for safety, happiness and continuing to bring us the word. You all have been with me through hard times and I am deeply grateful. Blessings to all, dee

  23. Teresa Estepp

    I cannot begin to tell how I miss the show. I love the new show but I miss all of you. And the little kids are precious. I pray for all of you and hope all of you will be back together in a new show. God bless you and your wonderful family

  24. eileen krause

    I enjoy seeing counting on and watching the older girls as they continue to make their mark on the world. I miss seeing Michele, Jim Bob and the other children and hope they will be on the show more often. I love seeing Anna and her sweet disposition and courage that is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for being a role model for others.

  25. Barbara Ford

    I live in Tulsa and have watched your family from day one years ago. You have been such blessing to me and many times I have longed to be apart of your family and wished I could converse and learn even more from you. I hate how the “world” has treated you since the struggles you face have become public. Its hard enough to deal with troubling issues without feeling your under a magnifying glass. I pray that you know there are many who support and love your family just as you are “faults” and all. Some forget there no perfect people, families, whatever. You continue to be a blessing to me and show me ways to deal with struggles in a godly way. Thank you.

  26. Karen Kough

    Michelle and Jim Bob, I thank you for your inspired comments on Isreal’s birthday message. You practice what you preach. Thanks it helps when I get called a bible thumper or men wrote the bible not God. I also wanted to thank you for taking Anna and the children in and being such a support system. May God Bless you all


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