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by | Apr 29, 2016 | 9 comments

One of our family’s favorite things to do each year is to attend the annual family conference in Big Sandy, Texas. This year over 1600 attended! It is always a sweet time of Christian Fellowship and with messages that inspire us and activities for all ages. Hope your family can attend one of the upcoming conferences in GA, WI or CA.

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  1. Mary Guy

    Wow that’s a big group very nice job everyone who sang…y’all have fun & fellowship !!

  2. James Mason

    The choir was OUTSTANDING! I’m impressed how God gave them that talent to honor and glorify him. BTW, did any of Kids sing in this choir? I can’t wait for the next Season of your Show. Cheers all the way from Ecuador!

  3. Lisa Anderson

    I love the show, I do miss seeing all of the kids and grandma, I really was getting tired of the 19 and counting, then weddings and your babies started happening, I would love to see more of the other children, perhaps the boys courting , weddings ect. I have watched your family since the first show, I do admire your family’s commitment to God. and maybe someone is seeing a Bates , that would be cool.

  4. Johnny & Carmen Stephens

    We just want you to know that we love the Dugger Family and that many prayers are going up for you. We are so enjoying the new show and seeing the new babies and what is going on with their lives. We hope this year will be lots of healing and great things for you all.

  5. Elizabeth jeffers

    BEAUTIFUL, can you picture the choir that will be singing praises to our Lord Jesus

  6. Terri Davie

    I really enjoy choir music. I know when I’m sad, scared, anxiety ect.. that is the destroyer who is trying to destroy me. I listen to good music and fill my mind and heart to ward off any evil that surrounds me. I really appreciate your shows and family. It gives me rest in my heart and soul. I have gone through some things too, just like your family has gone through. I have lost a son who took his own life at the young age of 20. I have lost grandchildren who are out of our lives at this time. I don’t have to show the world, your amazing. We as a family follow Christ and we taught our children that they are never alone. Please watch over Josh. I will pray for him. I appreciate your family, sharing, I know it is hard. I will pray and hope I will see you all on the show. Blessing to you all.

  7. Daleen Walker

    Jana, I really enjoyed last night’s show of Jill and Jessa counting on, it was a blessing to see you five older sisters singing together again, keep your heads up and keep trusting God. Praying for Jill and her family that God will protect them and keep them safe.

  8. Rachel Frey

    What a blessing to hear young people praising the Lord. I’m very grateful for parents that are raising their children in the ways of the scriptures. You may at times be ridiculed, but know there are many who are blessed by your standards.

  9. Rachel Birks

    Spectacular! Thank you for sharing this with us! It was such a blessing to see your family’s update via Live Stream from Big Sandy. I was SO thankful for the streaming from Opening Night. With lots of hard work and prayers over the next year, our family will be working towards attending a Family Conference. Thank you for sharing your beliefs and principles, they have changed me deeply and lead my family towards a path of righteousness. Many blessings!


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