Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!

Hello! I (Joy) am married to Austin Forsyth and we have 2 children.

Growing up in the midst of eight brothers, I was more likely to be found outside climbing a tree in the yard than going shopping—and my love for the outdoors continues today! I enjoy everything about being outside, keeping active, and working with Austin on home remodel projects. Becoming a mom has been such a fun adventure, and I absolutely love the life we have together!

Austin is a Contractor, and in the past couple of years he has moved from renovating flip houses to building new homes. When he is not busy doing construction work or spending time with family, you can usually find him on the farm, bailing hay, or using one of his many skills as a Pilot or EMT/Firefighter. Austin has a lot of hobbies including long range shooting, four-wheeling, camping, and pretty much anything outdoors! He also has a passion for investing in the lives of other young men, teaching them the skills that his dad taught him.

Gideon is our oldest and one of the happiest little boys you’ll ever meet! His favorite thing to do is play with construction toys and wrestle with Austin in the evenings. His cousins are his best friends and he talks about them everyday. He recently learned to ride a bike with training wheels and is so proud of himself!

Evelyn (Evy) Mae was born on August 21, 2020. She is the sweetest baby and has stolen our hearts! She loves to be held, eat, and “talk” to us. She started smiling at 1 month and hasn’t stopped! We are soaking up all of these precious moments together as a family!

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