Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!

Jedidiah & Katey

Hi, I’m Jedidiah!

From a young age, I have loved politics—going door-to-door meeting local constituents, listening to their concerns, and discussing values and objectives. In my late teens I served as a legislative assistant at the Arkansas State Capitol, and then went on to manage a State Senate campaign, aiding a successful bid. In 2020, I ran for State Representative in my hometown of Springdale, Arkansas (District 89). This was the same area my dad served from 1999 to 2002 as a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Like my grandfather J.L. Duggar and my father before me, I joined in the family business of buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. I also have a heart for our nation’s veterans, and enjoy visiting them regularly, conversing with them and hearing their stories. In my free moments, I enjoy spending time with family and playing basketball with friends!

On April 3, 2021, I married the love of my life, Katey. Every moment together has been amazing, and the thought of sharing my life with her makes me the happiest man in the world!

Katey loves being with people whether it’s laughing and chatting with friends and family, or volunteering in a women’s prison ministry. She has recently enjoyed playing her harp at hospice facilities and accomplishing the great feat of getting her private pilot’s license! Born and raised in Arizona, Katey loves the mountains and sunshine.

We welcomed our son Truett Oliver to our family on May 2, 2022. Parenting has changed our lives forever and we love every bit of it! He is a very happy boy and we can’t imagine our lives without him.



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