Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!

I’m Jessa! I’m married to Ben, and we have three kids—Spurgeon, Henry and Ivy. We are the Seewalds! Here’s a little bit about our family. 

I love interior design and am always excited to team up with Jana and do projects for family and friends. Whether it’s for a home or business, we love refurbishing old pieces, shopping for bargains, and seeing an idea become a reality. I love reading— though in this busy season with three young kids, I find myself working in hours of audiobooks on the go, rather than sitting down with a book in hand. I’m grateful to be able to spend so much of much my time with my kids. Even though some days can be a bit crazy, it is also so much fun, and I count it one of my greatest blessings to get to be their mom. 

Ben was recently part of a year-long intensive ministry internship with our church, and he just finished up his undergrad with Moody Bible online. He loves reading good books, especially on theology, and because of this, our family library is ever-expanding. He’s an adventurous foodie. He loves to take me out on dates to new restaurants, and try out the most unique menu items. He’s a sweet, patient and engaged father and husband. He loves wrestling with the boys, and cuddling his baby girl while he tells the kids a story.  

Spurgeon is our oldest. He’s a sweet-hearted, talkative little guy, and he keeps us laughing with the funny things he says. He’s creative, and loves paper airplanes, coloring pictures for others, and shaping things out of play dough. He’s thoughtful with his words— thanking people when they do things for him and complementing if he thinks someone’s clothes look nice. He loves imaginative play with his little brother, creating scenarios for “rescues” and “slaying dragons”. He loves picture books, and can sit and look through a big stack of them for half an hour straight. 

Henry is our second born. He’s bold, rambunctious, and full of energy. He wakes up early, and come bedtime he’s still going strong. Singing is one of his favorite pastimes, and he can be heard belting out music much of the day— at the dinner table, while playing outside, at nap or bedtime. He’s has a strong sense of right and wrong, often policing other children, taking up for the underdog and telling the adults if a child is not being nice. Henry loves to be read to. Even if you’re a new face and you’ve just walked in our front door, Henry may walk right up to you with a book and ask you to read it. He’s is a snuggle bug and usually asks to cuddle with with Mommy or Daddy before he falls asleep at night. 

Ivy is our third. She’s just about the happiest baby you’ll ever meet!  She hardly ever cries. She’s full of smiles, whether she knows your or not. She regularly belly laughs when tickled by mom or dad, or amused by her brothers silly antics. When she’s tired she pops her thumb in her mouth and loves for somebody to cuddle her. When we’re out and about with her, the number one comment we hear from people is “Her eyes!” She has the biggest, bluest eyes (takes after her Daddy). She loves her big brothers, and has them wrapped around her finger. They’re constantly waiting on her hand and foot. At the slightest whimper, they’re bringing toys or entertaining her.

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