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Freedom Focus

Presenting Truth. Preserving Freedom.

Freedom Focus is about getting the message out—the message of freedom must be delivered to our culture! We serve local churches, schools and groups who desire to bring the truth of America’s greatness to their communities.

Our mission is working to captivate the hearts and minds of this generation of Americans to appreciate and preserve our freedom by presenting truth through educational resources and multimedia presentations. We inspire and educate by connecting the dots between American history, Biblical principles, and current events through live music, slides and videos. We make American history and principles of freedom come alive!

“We have participated in the Patriot Day Rally in Rolla, MO. It was fun, educational and inspiring. America needs more events like this!” —Jim Bob Duggar

Are we being sponsored by Freedom Focus?

No. The resources and ministries listed on our website have encouraged our family so much that we want to share them with others. We receive no incentive or financial compensation for featuring them on our website.

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