Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!


Tyler is our great-nephew and we are so happy to have him as part of our family! He is energetic, full of life, and loves being outdoors. Tyler is always excited for any opportunity he has to hang out with the big brothers, whether they’re doing mechanic work on a car, shooting skeet, renovating a house, or tossing the football around in the yard. Tyler is very athletic, and he enjoys playing just about every sport, his favorite being volleyball!

Tyler has a good-natured way of bringing out the adventure and inner kid in the people around him. On family nights, he’ll be the one coaxing all the “older folks” off the couch for a game of Capture the Flag or good old-fashioned kickball. If he’s ever out running errands with you, he has winsome way of hinting that a quick run through a specific drive-through for ice cream might be a good idea. You can tell that he loves those fun shared experiences not only for his own sake, but also for the happiness that it brings others.

Tyler can be rough and tumble when it comes to sports or wrestling with the guys, but he is equally caring and compassionate while playing with younger kids or in conversations one-on-one. He especially loves his dog Molly, and she adores him right back!

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