Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!

Joseph & Kendra

Hello! My name is Joseph. I am married to Kendra and we have 3 kids. Here are a few things we love to do!

I recently finished my Real Estate Brokers License and have enjoyed getting to work in the Real Estate industry. We also have been building houses to sell. I love getting to work outside with my hands, whether it’s working on a house, or doing other hands-on projects. Being active outdoors and playing sports with my brothers and friends are also some favorite pastimes.

We love getting to serve the Lord as a family. Some of the places we enjoy serving in ministries are: nursing homes, hospice centers, door-to-door evangelism and international missions trips. We see that our world has a great need for the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kendra enjoys taking care of our sweet little ones, and is a wonderful, caring mother! Life is really busy taking care of two, but she always finds time to be active outdoors, join a game of volleyball, or sit down to play the piano. She’s also a great organizer and loves to help me with work projects when she is able.

Garrett is our oldest. He has a serious personality, he is a deep thinker that analyzes the little things. He enjoys playing with trucks and cars and pretty much anything with wheels. Anytime there is a sunny day, he enjoys getting to play outside. Every day he learns new words, one of his favorite words is “A-DDIE”. His face lights up when he sees his sister and he loves giving her hugs and kisses.

Addison is our bundle of joy. She is all smiles and we can’t get enough of her laugh! She enjoys following her big brother around, trying new foods, and holding baby dolls. We adore her!

Brooklyn Praise joined our family on February 19, 2021! We are enjoying all the sweet newborn snuggles, and are looking forward to discovering more about her personality in the coming months!


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