Meet Our Family

There are quite a few of us!


Johannah was our first girl after 6 boys in a row! She is fun and outgoing, and she loves making new friends. Johannah likes things neat and organized, and she’s constantly tidying up anything and everything around her. If one of the nieces or nephews comes in the door, drops shoes here, a backpack there, and a jacket over the back of the couch, she’ll instinctively come along, collect all the things, and have them waiting in a nice little pile by the front door.

And though she likes organization, Johannah has a good balance of structure and spontaneity. She’ll drop her own plans at the drop of a hat if she thinks someone else could use her help or assistance. She’s eager to lend a hand whether it’s that means spending the day on a job site with the brothers, or helping to clean out and organize someone’s storage unit. Some of her hobbies include playing volleyball with friends, and sketching/drawing.

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