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Are you willling to do “whatever it takes” to succeed in marriage and life?

Paul and Jenny Speed thought they were headed to the mission field after their wedding, where they would change the world for Christ! Instead, fourteen years into their marriage, Paul took a brave step and decided to come clean with Jenny from years of moral failure and deception. This began a process of discovering freedom through humility and brokenness. In 2006, Paul and Jenny launched Whatever It Takes! Ministries, an organization dedicated to helping couples and individuals do “whatever it takes” to succeed in marriage and in life. Over the years Whatever It Takes! Ministries has seen God turn absolutely impossible situations around and restore them for His glory. He does bring beauty from ashes.

Are we being sponsored by Whatever it Takes Ministries?

No. The resources and ministries listed on our website have encouraged our family so much that we want to share them with others. We receive no incentive or financial compensation for featuring them on our website.

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