Michelle Duggar on Inexpensive Date Nights

by | Mar 2, 2015 | 24 comments

Question from a fan on Facebook: Do you and Jim Bob have favorite inexpensive date night ideas?

We sure do! Sometimes we’ll go for a drive and just park and talk or take a walk and talk. It’s so nice when it’s quiet and there are no interruptions. We really enjoy that because we’re not around a lot of people then, and we can catch up with each other. Other times, we’ll go out for a coffee or ice cream, which is my favorite weekly sweet treat, or occasionally a nice meal. It’s not uncommon for our dates to get bumped around because of our busy schedules. If we’ve got something happening on our regular date night, Jim Bob usually will just call me up on a weekday and ask me out on a date. It’s really sweet, he’ll call up and say, “Hey, can I come and steal you away for a date?”

Then he’ll surprise me and take me for lunch between his office work and my work at home.

Jim Bob is so much more spontaneous than I am. I like to plan ahead and think about it for days and always have my ducks in a row. But I’ve learned to just jump and go; it’s so much more fun that way.

At first, those two different personality traits can be a challenge, but you really do need to be flexible with each other and spontaneous in your relationship. For a while it was really hard for me, because I’d think, “Wait a minute, we can’t do that. I’m not prepared. I’ve got to get all these things done.” And I realized that was squelching Jim Bob’s creativity and fun spirit – both things that I really love about him. I had to let go of that urge to plan everything. And when I did, it brought such a wonderful new dimension to our marriage.

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  1. lmartin

    Glad you still find time for each other. I enjoy the show. But mostly I am proud of what your family portrays!

  2. Cassandra Short

    Dear Michelle, My name is Cassandra Short. I am a a 23 year old Lutheran girl from fort wayne IN. I’m single and have always been! I love the way you have raised your family, and your son John-David seems like a wonderful man! I was wondering if he is single and looking for a courtship! Thank yo -Cassandra Short-

  3. Allison Pettit

    Thank you for your wisdom! I have found many times that I squelch my husband’s creativity as well without realizing it! Thank you for allowing God to use your words and your experiences in marriage to help those of us in younger marriages. May God be praised in all we do!

  4. Tessa Herman

    With a growing family, my husband and I have had to be creative with our dates. Going for walks, watching the sunset, picnicking… These ideas have made for some of the sweetest dates. Thanks for the reminder to be spontaneous. As a mother I struggle to let go of my long to-do list sometimes. Thank you also for your witness and cyber-mentorship! Hee hee! Y’all are always a blessing and encouragement to my family.

  5. dreama Suzanne munoz

    I can’t thank you for you words of wise . Thank the Lord father for your family

  6. Heidi S

    I needed to read this today. The wisdom that your family brings in to my life is invaluable. I am struggling right now with mommyhood and work. My husband and I are working to get him back to work so I can be home. I know that is where I need to be. I am trying to be patient and your guidance helps with that. Thank you!

  7. pamela troike

    i was just looking at jessas wedding regestry i cant believe all the stuff she wants and above all she wants new stuff after all the talk your family always says buy used and save the difference how could she ask for all that your family should be ashamed if you were such a good parent you should have taught her better but when it comes too money you r a terrible family

  8. Kathleen Belden

    Michelle I came from a large family and as you know there is nothing wrong with spending zero on date night. I think those are the most greatest times walking hand in hand with the one that God has given us for a spouse. I treasure those times most because we didn’t have a lot of money and sharing a snack on a walk and just spending that time together what was the most important. I still don’t have a ton of money but you know when you have God in your life you are one of the richest people in the world. Thank you for sharing your family’s life with others and may God Bless you and keep you and yours. Your sister in Christ, Kat Belden

  9. Dona

    Pamela I’m not sure how much more judgmental you can be, but I think you should just shut it up. Yes she registered add all girls do too get married. I’m not sure how many thrift stores or goodwill has a effing register. You must be a bitter old maid.

  10. Billie

    Mrs. Duggar I love the examples you and Mr. Duggar set. I’ve prayed for your family especially concerning little Josie and the last two unfortunate losses. I have experienced this twice as well. Just wanted to drop you a line to say we care. We have 3 beautiful young ladies who are grown and have their college dregrees ( Thank the Lord) (31,29,27) and happily married. We have been blessed with 4 grandchilren so far 🙂 . My last chick in the nest is our son (18.). Thank you for your humble views and great ideas. I could use more for teenage boys. Sincerely Mrs. Billie Camacho

  11. Kayla Frederick

    Pamela if you watch the show, Jessa allowed Ben and Josiah (maybe Jeremiah) register for things too. They were having fun. They knew that they wouldn’t get everything on the list. My husband and I registered for all kinds of things. Like a bicycle built for 2. Lol. I like the dating advice. I’m a mom, full time student, and I work full time. I miss my husband! I couldn’t imagine how little time she has with 16 still at home.

  12. Emily

    Pamela Troike, you’re kidding, right? They registered at Walmart for crying out loud. Yes, they also registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, but just like any new married couple, they have to furnish a home. From what I could see, they certainly didn’t go overboard registering for the most expensive things. Jill and Derick’s registry was the same way. You do realize that they both had 1,000+ guests at their wedding, so they had to have quite a wide variety of things on their registries for guests to choose from. What do you expect them to do? Register at Goodwill?

  13. †å?k•Gï™

    I love your family and how loving and caring everyone is with each other. I was just wondering how you (Michelle) are able to stay so calm with so many children? I only have two (11 & 7) and sometimes I am overwhelmed with stress from catering to their every whim. Though I love them dearly ? Also I’d like to comment to Pamela Troike··· The duggar children are all individual people with their own thoughts, views, opinions and ideas. They are not little clones of their parents, or robots to program a certain way. These kids have lived their entire lives using hand-me-downs, used items and sharing their belongings··· If Jessa wants to have all brand new things for her new life with her husband & child, then good for her. She deserves to have things that she can call her own. And so do the rest of the children, when it’s time for them to start families of their own. I’m sure the duggar family has used far more recycled items than you could have ever, in your entire life. So don’t judge them, when you’re no better··· Not even close. • Keep Doing What You’re Doing, Duggar Family. Hateful Comments Are Only From Those Who Envy Your Amazingly Blessed Lives. •

  14. Jennie G

    Pamela Troike you should be ashamed of yourself for writing that very rude comment about Jessa gift registry. Just because Michelle and JimBob have a belief about buy used Doesn’t mean every thing a parent does their children will also do!!! Jessa and Ben are starting a new life… I’m sure that if they have many children they will follow things taught to them by their parents… I never comment on these comment boards but I found your comment extremely hateful… You should be ashamed Not Michelle I’ve just recently learned about The Duggar family… watching recent episodes of their show on TLC and read the book Growing up Duggar… Michelle and Jim bob have and are raising exceptional children.. Compared to most today that are rude and very disrespectful of adults…

  15. Amy

    The comment below is the most ridiculous comment i have ever read in my life. A terrible family because Jessa wanted new things for her house. I cant believe you made a comment like that Pamela…..You need Jesus in your life.

  16. Anthony Parece

    My name is Anthony Parece I was just wondering I live in Kentucky. It would be so wonderful to meet the whole family. And I’m graduationing from high school June 4th I’m currently looking for a job if Jim bob needs a helper I would be pleased to help.

  17. how to get back love

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  18. Tonya Bernal-Stills

    I love watching your family grow, my children are grown but Michelle Fight I have a daughter 22 soon to be 23 in May. She just blessed me with my first Grandson Blake. Who is a blessing, but the main reason I’m messaging you is because my oldest daughter LaTosha who is 24 and has Cerebral Palsy. She is a big fan of your show and has been watching it since it first aired on TLC. LaTosha does you on Facebook as Well as TLC. You have enriched my daughters life in a way it’s hard yo describe all I can say is your family is a Blessings for her. LaTosha loves everything about your show and since our move from California to Texas she has had times where your show has been just what she needed to make her day. If your family is ever in San Antonio,TX I would love for her to meet you in person. She follows you every day! GOD bless your family for the joy you have given my daughter LaTosha through your show and Facebook. GOD bless all of you and Thank you Michelle from one mother to another for the true joy that my daughter get in you program. I hope I hear from you so I can surprise her with anything from you. Love & Blessings from my family to yours.

  19. Dianne Williams

    I am so excited foe Jill, Derrick and your whole family! Israel avid is an awesome name and he does look like he has a continuous smile! The closeup of him, to me, looks so much like Jim Bob! It makes my heart fill with joy to see a Christian couple who take God’s commandments seriously and take their marriage seriously, and save their intimacy till after their vows! I am forever grateful that your show is on the air for all ages of Americans to see how families look- done God’s way! Love you all!

  20. melissa A

    love these inexpensive date night. i am a new mommy to a little girl. and i just started my new adventure as a stay at home mom. love these ideas. me and the hubby will be doing some of these.

  21. Tanya Albert

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  22. Elizabeth smith

    Thank you for these lovely tips! Xxx

  23. Janet Lester

    Very well said. I think the most common mistake people make anymore is once they are married they slowly stop what they done for each other in the beginning. You have to have time for each other, and to take each other’s feelings into consideration. One never gets tired of hearing how much they are loved and cared for. Thank you for sharing another story. God bless you all.

  24. Deborah Samec

    Thank you so much for the advise. This is very much like me and my husband. I need the encouragement to let him be spontaneous and have fun with it.


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