It seems like we never know where news on the Duggar Family will show up these days.  You will see a few highlights below.

Over the years the Duggar's have been asked to do many interviews and have always accepted as they are excited to share with everyone how children are a blessing from the Lord.  They have appeared on numerous National and International TV shows including The Early Show, The Today Show, The View,Fox & Friends, Italian Public Television, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System),Discovery Home & Health (UK & Australia), Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fox News Network, CNN, MSNBC and others. They have done countless interviews with radio talk show hosts around the world including NPR, AP Radio, CBS Radio, FOX Radio and others.

They have appeared in various magazine and newspapers including Parents, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, People and many others. From the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, India, New Zealand, Australia, France and Germany.

Please enjoy these sample news clips and interviews:


You've Got the Duggars

TBD chat with Jim Bob and Michelle

700 Club Interviews the Duggars

People article "Our Hearts Haven't Changed"

Homeschool Interview

Pregnanacy Weekly Blog

Baby Gooroo interviews Michelle on Breastfeeding

Time Out NY Kids article

"Yes we'd do it again"

lilsugar interview with Michelle

Radar Online Interview

People article "Expecting Their 19th Child"

People article "A Day in the Life of the Duggars"

People article "Sharp tips for a happy marriage"

Fox News article

ETonlin Duggar Pregnancy

Today news "Duggar sons help save girl"

NY Daily News "Baby Sweet 16"

USA Today interview

US Magazine "First Duggar Grandchild is Born"

The Washington Times article

Le Zapping

Parent Dish "Morning Sickness"

Citizenlink Article

Jill Stanek interviews Michelle

Michelle Duggar: "We would welcome another"


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