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- -Michelle Duggar
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Michelle's Update on Josie
by Michelle Duggar
September 13, 2010
TLC: Tell us about Josie and her new milestones. She smiles so sweetly at you, and it’s just so cute.


She is a miracle baby. I mean, there’s just no better way to explain it than calling her Miracle Josie. I’ve got all these pictures on the wall in our room of her when she was a newborn, just tiny, and [now] here’s this double chin and this smiley, bubbly personality coming out, and she’s jumping up and down in her Jumperoo now, and interacting with siblings that just love to talk. She loves for them to get in her face and talk to her and all that.

She just responds, and I just -- I think, oh, I’m so grateful to have her. I’m so thankful. I look at her little arms and her little hands, and her tiny little arms and where she had IVs. I think, “Those are your marks that you’re a miracle.” I’m going remind her.

Of course, they’ll probably go away as she gets bigger and grows, but some of those scars -- like, the drain tube where they had put the drain tube in on her side – those will be there and I think instead of viewing them as a bad thing, I think you look at that and you just thank the Lord that you made it through a lot of tough things that could be a lot worse, and you just have so much to be thankful for.

TLC: She seems to have a sweet disposition.

Michelle: Yeah. She really does. I think that’s her personality. So far I’ve seen that about her. She really does have that bubbly, smiley, kind of a mellow, laid-back personality. Probably because she had such a rough start. And she’s such a fighter. She’s like, “Okay, this is a breeze now.”

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