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- -Michelle Duggar
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A Duggar Christmas Tradition: Cookies for the Community
December 16, 2011
This time of year our family is in the kitchen baking like mad and doing all kinds of fun things. We enjoy taking treats, like cookies and homemade bread and honey butter, to those who serve in the community -- the fire department, the police department as well as some other people that we know that need some encouragement because they've had a rough year.

The other evening my sons Josiah and Jedidiah were in the kitchen just baking up a storm for some of the treats we give out. Josiah made the most delicious cheese biscuits that remind me of the ones that you get at Red Lobster. The whole house smelled so good that everybody upstairs came downstairs to find out what was cooking. And they were like, "What smells so good?" And Josiah said, "Well, you can't have any yet. I'm getting them ready to take with us."

We started out baking with the kids when they were little. I'd make some cookies and they'd draw little scribbly pictures on them. I would write a scripture on them, and then we'd deliver the treats. And we couldn't spend a long time delivering the cookies because the kids were little, and I didn't have the energy and I couldn't keep them all together if I did, so we'd usually just drop it off and say, "We're thinking of you guys." Now, the older ones do it. So it's really fun to see that it's something that continues on. My daughter Jill makes a homemade salsa with cilantro and onions, and it is delicious. It's also great as a gift because sometimes people can't always do the sugar.

We have a favorite cookie recipe. It's our friend's, Mrs. Brundi's, recipe, also known as Mrs. Brundi Crawford's Super Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oh, my: It is the most incredible chocolate chip cookie recipe that we have ever found. Mrs. Brundi is a friend of ours from the church Jim Bob and I were married in. She gave us a huge - I'm not exaggerating - a huge basket of her chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispie treats. My kids instantly fell in love with her-- from there on they were close to Mrs. Brundi. She is just the sweetest person. 

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