Michelle Duggar’s Favorite Part of Mother's Day

love_noteWhen it comes to Mother's Day I'm lucky because our family is nearby, and just being together and enjoying a special meal is pretty special for me. Sometimes the kids want to take me out, but sometimes they fix my favorite meal, chicken and dumplings -- I love chicken and dumplings!

Jim Bob always encourages them to make cards for me because I like handmade special notes that they write. It's not about an expensive card or gift or anything like that. It's just really about those treasures that I put in my keepsake box that I can look at years later, pull out and see the sweet little notes that they wrote and the pictures that they drew for me.

My 15-year-old son Josiah is quite the artist. He'll just draw these really pretty pictures and write, "Mom, I'm just really glad that you had me. I'm so grateful to be here." It's just really nice because Jim Bob has talked with the kids about how special it is that we're here, that it's a life and death sacrifice to be brought into the world.

He explains it that it's like a mom going through the valley of the shadow of death giving birth, and so he always tells them, "You be grateful to Mom and tell her 'thank you,' and don't ever take for granted that you're alive." Jim Bob also tells his Mom that he owes her his life, and that he wouldn't be if it weren't for her.

The children see him expressing that to his mom, and in turn they're always sharing those sentiments with me. So all the Mother' Day cards with pictures that they draw and their cute, little notes that some of them write backwards (and you have to use the mirror to read them) - those are my keepsake moments that I just treasure. 

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