4. How do you support such a large family? Especially with the economy the way it is these days, tips on how you manage to support so many people?
We have lived very frugally, and our family motto is to “Buy used and saved the difference!” We shop at thrift stores and garage sales.

About 19 years ago, I (Jim Bob) went to a bank to inquire about borrowing a large sum of money to expand my business. A few days later, a successful businessman invited the men from our church out to his house every Friday morning for breakfast and to watch the " Jim Sammon’s Financial Freedom Seminar". I agreed to attend, as well as 50 other men. After just seeing the first session, the truths from God's Word being taught through Mr. Sammons began to convict me of my need to "owe no man anything but love." I decided right then to postpone the loan. I continued to attend the seminar, and after 20 weeks (to my amazement), God totally changed my view of not only His purposes for finances, but also how we are to be wise stewards of everything God entrusts to us. Later that year, this man had the seminar at our church and Michelle & I were able to attend the seminar together. After we both heard the testimonies of God's methods for finances, Michelle & I purposed to become debt-free. As we have chosen to trust Him, I have seen God provide for our family in ways that are supernatural.

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