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- -Michelle Duggar
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Garlic Dill Pickles
3/4 c. salt (this is to salty for some; 
may be reduced to 1/2 c.)
4-5 cups white vinegar 
8 c. water 
cucumbers (enough to fill 6- 1quart jars.)
18 cloves garlic, peeled 
6 T. dill seed (not weed.)
Wash cucumbers, cut into spears, and pack in jars. Add 3 cloves garlic & 1 T. dill seed per jar. Place jars on baking sheet (or pan.) in oven at 250. (this keeps jars hot so they’ll seal when you add vinegar.) Boil vinegar, salt, and water, pour boiling mixture into hot jars, and immediately put hot bans & lids onto jars. (keep lids & bands hot by boiling them first.) Let cool on counter. (they should seal while cooling.) Let sit 10-12 days before using (this is the hard part! If you can’t stand it, only wait a week!)(Our favorite dill pickles!) makes 6 qts.
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